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Donate to charity, get cool things!


Welcome to Super Charity Go, home of the most awesome charity drive ever. Despite the silly nature of this community, we actually do care about trying to make a difference.

Wait, how are we making a difference, you ask? Basically, what we do is try to encourage people to donate to charity by offering art, writing, music, high fives, poll questions, silly costumes, goal inspiration, and any other (legal) thing as a reward. Anyone can sign up to do this, you don't have to be a grandmaster at what you do, and you can do as much or as little as you want. Sound like fun?

How This Works


-Donors are allowed to contribute to any charity they want, and each charitable act will be worth a certain amount of "money". That is to say, what you donate will be a token that will let you commission something from any volunteer. However, donors MUST provide proof that they helped (i.e.: screencaps, scans, photos, etc, but please don't copy and paste text) and show it to the mods (we will make a post for that). Once approved, they're free to commission any of the volunteers. None of the donations will go through any of us!

Note: LJ notifs screw up a lot, so if your proof comment isn't answered in a day or so, please PM one of the mods!

-The drive runs annually from April 2nd to July 1st. You can jump in at any time.

-You do not have to be a member of LiveJournal to join, but please leave contact details so people can get in touch with you!

-Volunteers can set limits for how many requests they'll take at a time. So, you could start out taking five sketches, close your thread, open for another five, etc. You can change this number around, do whatever you want (even if it's just one sketch at a time)!

-It's fine to make more than one thread if something new occurs to you (i.e. a poll question you'd like to ask).

-If your commission is NSFW, please link to it instead of embedding it! Also, we'd rather not have pornographic photos/videos of real people, or anything that's gonna get us kicked off LJ. We would also like to request that you put a brief warning if it contains offensive content (i.e. abuse, self-harm, something dealing with homophobia/racism/sexism/etc, substance abuse, etc).

-Donors are allowed to make a reservation with a volunteer if they really want something from them. However, please only make one reservation at a time.

-If you are volunteering and decide to drop for whatever reason, please tell the donor! Actually, it's good to keep up communications with your donor in general, so they know you haven't just forgotten.

-If you're a donor and your commission was dropped, don't worry: you can carry your donation to the next round. Just link to your thread or post screenshots in next round's proof post (no copypasted text stuff), and you're ok! (Amount won't be added to that round's total.)

-This isn't a rule, but we encourage people to go ahead and comment on fills they like, even if they didn't commission it. No harm in spreading the love, right?

Donation Values

All currencies are obviously fine, but everything will be translated to USD to make things easier (this is good for that).
So, the value of each donation will be...
Money donation = amount donated
Blood donation = $25
Platelet donation = $25
Plasma donation = $30
Charity work = $18 per hour
Donated items = $10 for every grocery store-sized bag of clothes, and also for every five books/toys/foods/other small things that build up quickly (ask a mod if you're unsure).

If you want to make a donation that isn't one of these, ask us about it!

Here's a list of charities you can donate to. Of course, it's not limited to the ones on the list. If you have any more you know of that you want added, just tell us!

Note: We highly recommend making use of Charity Navigator to find good, trustworthy charities that will make the most out of your donation.

That's About It!

If you're even slightly tempted to take on this totally awesome challenge, please apply! There's nothing to lose, you can work around your schedule, and you're bound to feel great about yourself afterward.

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to PM one of the mods:
Or comment on the Q&A post. (Note: Please don't send messages to supermodsgo; we're almost always on our own accounts.)

Give them a visit!

Total: $1991.41/b>
As of July 1, 2011. Updated after every round.

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